Coconsa is an up and coming luxury bag and accessories brand that embodies all things vibrant and eccentric. Coconsa is a colloquial Ghanaian term meaning gossip.The collections are known for the use of genuine leather, matched with unique African fabrics culminating in a line of classy, beautiful and exclusive bags and accessories for the fashion savvy/conscious.  A percentage from each bag and accessories sold will go to the charity call "Wash House" and aid in their mission of improving the quality of life of women in the Mt Druitt community (Western Suburb of Sydney, Australia).  The designers at Coconsa has a long term goal to source all the production of Coconsa bags and accessories straight from Ghana, by hiring local Ghanaian women (giving the necessary training) to intricately make the bags and accessories. 

All the bags and accessories are made in Australia and overseas. Using authentic African fabrics called Ankara, kente (which is made from wax print and traditional hand woven cloth) and lace, combined with 100% genuine leather, jute, hessian and denim and other contemporary fabrics.

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