Slow Fashion

Posted on January 07 2017

Slow Fashion - Positively affecting the fashion industry now and in the future
For the longest time, we as consumers have fed the “fast fashion” trend, which is fashion that comes and goes. We buy a lot of clothing for cheap, and when it no longer works for us, instead of repairing it or reusing it somehow, we toss it and go buy more cheap clothes, thus repeating the process. This high demand for fast, low-quality clothing is affecting not only our closets and wallets in a negative way, but the environment as well. Large amounts of water and harsh chemicals are used in the production of the majority of clothing. Then, after the production costs the environment so much, most items don’t even get more than a year’s worth of use because of the low quality and end up in the trash.
A new way
It is clear that a new approach to fashion has to be made. That is where “slow fashion” has made its appearance. Instead of cheap, low quality clothing that was produced overseas with no regard for the environment, these new clothing lines are providing an environmentally friendly, long lasting solution. “Slow fashion” is bringing back a quality of clothing most consumers haven’t experienced before. Instead of clothing that will maybe last a year, these companies are producing clothing that will last a lifetime.
Good for the environment
Some ways slow fashion is positively affecting the environment, are by the production itself. Instead of using mass amounts of water and chemicals, “slow fashion” uses local organic products, and sometimes even recycled materials. Instead of focusing on getting products out as fast as possible, time is spend to ensure quality and less waste. By producing quality clothing, consumers are more likely to use them longer, or resell them instead of trashing them. Most slow fashion companies are produced in-house and not outsourced to other countries. This limits the amount of pollution created by the transportation of products across seas.
Good for you
Slow fashion is not only good for the environment, which is good for you, but also other ways. It’s no surprise that most of us are tired of the quick turnaround promoted in the fashion industry. Almost as soon as we purchase new clothing, we’re told we need something else, or we are having to replace it because of poor quality. Most of us welcome the idea of having to buy something only once. Quality over quantity, right? Not feeling the need to buy new clothes every month will not only encourage us to focus our time and energy on more productive things, but also free up money that could be spent on other, more important things. What’s best, is that quality never goes out of style, so there’s no need to change your wardrobe because of new fashion trends every year.
Time to go slow
It’s obvious a change is needed, and wanted. The only way to make it happen, is through you, the consumer. If you decide to break you fast fashion habits and buy slow, you can make a difference. Eventually big brands will have to change how they do fashion as well.  A well needed change that will benefit the earth and you! I can’t think of a better reason to go slow than that.

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